Frequently Asked Questions

Question : Isn’t a pencil drawing also called a painting?

No, it isn’t. A pencil drawing, like the name suggests, is done with pencils. Paintings, on the other hand, are done by applying pigments on a suitable surface. One common way to differentiate between them is this : Our pencil drawings usually have a mostly black-and-white appearance while our paintings are usually very colourful. Despite this easy method of differentiating between them, sometimes our pencil drawings can look as colourful as our paintings when we apply color pencils. Also, our paintings might look like pencil drawings when we use only dark colors or black and white pigments

Question: What are the different sizes you offer, and how do we know just how large each one is?

Answer : For our pencil portraits and drawings, we offer a wide range of sizes. That said, we do not like making really little artworks. The smallest size we offer for our pencil drawings is 10 by 12 inches while the smallest size for our paintings is 16 by 20 inches. For our handmade cards, our smallest size on offer is 8 by 10 inches. Shown below are pictures of the common sizes our clients ask for.

Question: How (on earth) do you do your speed paintings??!

Answer: Practice, people! Lots and lots of practice!